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Antoni Gaudi said "A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art". That means there is no doubt my jewelries are a genuine art piece.




Seahorses has a habit of spending their whole life with the one partner which they marry.

In this work, I created a seahorse drifting in the vast ocean, searching for its lifelong partner. The fin represent the scene of floating underwater. The shell express the reflection of light and the shimmering of waves. A traveler who devote himself to the waves with peace of mind while searching for something important. This may be a wonderful way to live our lifes.



the Circle of life


Dragonflies hatch from their eggs, and spend their lives in the water as larvas. After they become beautiful dragonflies, they mate and drop their eggs into the water.

In this work, I gave shape to the cycle of lives by having the larva hold an orange stone as a symbol of life. I expressed the fact that even if the appearance changes, the glow of life remains unchanged.



Hibernation of wasps

~Circle of Life~

The queen wasp hibernates to sustain their life. The queen bee carries her babies and gives birth to them in the spring after the winter. In the summer, the family thrives, and in the fall, a new queen bee is born and hibernates with her brood. This is how the cycle of life revolves.

This piece expresses the mysterious power of life by depicting a bee hibernating in a tree, holding the life of its offspring in its arms.



It's not something you wear, it's an expression of who you are.

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